Miss Fit Adventures



In addition to being on of the founders of Four Directions Retreat, Nicole is also the founder of Miss Fit Adventures. With over 23 years experience in the fitness industry and 17 years of experience putting events together for women, Nicole’s commitment to helping people reach their potential is the driving force behind Miss Fit Adventures. She believes anything is possible if you are properly prepared‚Ķmentally and physically.

Nature is Nicole’s calling, as is helping people. This is what inspires her. ¬†Visit the Miss Fit Adventures website to learn more.





Need a space where your participants can let go of stress and explore nature while they learn? Host your retreat or workshop in an open field, by a stream, and among the trees. Get away from the distractions of the city and spend time connecting, both to others in your group and to nature.


A picture-perfect place to exchange your vows. Share your love of each other and the great outdoors. Our soon-to-be-constructed event barn will be perfect for weddings and receptions. Or we can create the magic of the big outdoor tent wedding as well!


Our event barn will be the perfect stage for sharing your talent! Or take advantage of our spectacular summer weather and opt for an outdoor concert at our music venue next to the pond. Create a one-of-a-kind concert experience for your fans as they enjoy the show in a beautiful setting.


Experience a place of awe and wonder as you reconnect to the earth and to yourself. Rent our tiny house, RV, or bring a tent and create a personal retreat for yourself. Perfect for writers, poets, musicians, and photographers.
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